Danish fashion group IC Companys, which owns labels such as Peak Performance, Matinique, Part Two, By Malene Birger and InWear, is reorganising its business to give each of its brands more responsibility.

The move is expected to enhance growth and improve earnings capacity, as well as achieve a more efficient and less complex organisational structure.

The firm says each of its 11 brands will be given full responsibility of the entire value chain, including distribution. But they will continue to share the group's finance, IT, logistics and production platforms.

The company has introduced the changes after noting that brands responsible for their own distribution outperformed those with a shared sales platform.

"Responsibility and powers of decision should be closely linked and for this reason we now empower the brands with the full responsibility of their entire value chain," explains CEO Niels Mikkelsen.

He added: "At the same time we build up a group which is far more transparent, flexible and efficient providing us with the edge of reacting quickly to market demands."