Denim and sportswear company IC Isaacs & Company Inc has reported second-quarter and first-half sales increases after making improvements in the areas of management, infrastructure and distribution.

The company, which designs and markets the Marithe+Francois Girbaud brand, said that net sales increased 10.2 per cent to $21.7 million during the second quarter. Second-quarter net income grew $0.7m to $2.0m from net income of $1.3m a year ago.

Six-month net sales rose 12.6 per cent to $45.5m, with net income increasing $2.3m to $4.5m compared to $2.2m last year.

Peter Rizzo, chairman and chief executive officer, said: "We are pleased with our accomplishments in the second quarter and first half… The repositioning of the Girbaud brand is going as planned…our distribution strategy, which is the final piece of our repositioning, is well under way, generating higher levels of profitability and setting a firm base from which to accelerate the growth of our business."

He added: "During the second quarter, our men's division continued to increase the level of productivity in our existing doors and also continued to open new store locations through an increasingly diversified product line.

"In our women's teen business, we continued to make excellent progress with the repositioning of the brand and believe the enhancement and broadening of our women's line to a fresher, young contemporary look is the right strategic direction for this business going forward."