iCongo Inc, a systems and e-commerce solutions provider, has announced that it has received funding of $950,000 from Canarie Inc for the development of an Electronic Trade Show Platform. The project will be championed by iCongo and the Canadian Sporting Goods Association.

The virtual tradeshow project will replicate the trade show environments and will introduce new business concepts by integrating innovative online Internet processes.

In addition to providing show organisers with show administration functions, it will serve both vendors and buyers of all sizes, giving them access to the trade show before, during, and after the physical show dates.

The company claims that the e-commerce platform will complement trade shows and will increase industry participation of both buyers and sellers.

Larry Achtemichuk, chair Canarie e-business advisory committee said: "This project will have a major impact on e-business in Canada, by creating a critical mass of B2B users, as well as business transactions during the show seasons.

"This online show technology will help the Canadian Industry develop further domestically, while greatly strengthening its international export performance."