Integrated Information Systems Inc ("IIS") (Nasdaq: IISX), selected by the Blair Corp to develop, implement and host a new e-commerce retail site, yesterday announced the successful launch of - the culmination of an accelerated, 12-week development project using the latest technology from IBM and CommercialWare. "Operating an e-commerce Web site is no longer a luxury for consumer-oriented marketing organizations - it is a requisite," said Jim Garvey, president and chief executive officer of IIS. According to Forrester Research, the B2C market will increase from $33bn this year to $108bn in 2003. Garvey emphasized: "This creates an enormous need for IIS's capabilities, which are structured to help companies like Blair rapidly maneuver to compete in that market." IIS worked in collaboration with CommercialWare Inc, a leading provider of B2C retail commerce solutions, to build a retail website for Blair. The company wanted a site that would integrate seamlessly with its existing order management, fulfillment, and customer service solution, CommercialWare's To accomplish this, IIS used IBM's newly released WebSphere(TM) Commerce Suite 4.1, making this e-commerce site one of the first to use the middleware technology with its new e-business capabilities. Blair, a Pennsylvania-based apparel manufacturer/distributor well known for its line of clothing for women 65 and older, has annual revenues of $500m. The introduction of the Crossing Pointe brand of women's apparel, focused on clothing for the 37 million "baby boomer" women aged 35-54, was simultaneous with the launch of the site and the Crossing Pointe apparel catalog.