IIS (Integrated Information Systems, Inc) (NASDAQ:IISX), selected by the Blair Corporation to develop, implement and host a new e-commerce retail site, has announced the successful launch of www.crossingpointe.com -- the culmination of an accelerated, 12-week development period using the latest technology from IBM.

"Operating an e-commerce website is no longer a luxury for a consumer-oriented marketing organization - it is a requisite. For companies moving aggressively to meet customer needs, speed-to-market is essential. What's more, the site had better stack up well against the competition, because consumers are re-thinking brand preferences on the basis of e-commerce characteristics," said Jim Garvey, president and CEO of IIS. "According to Forrester Research, the B2C market will increase from $33bn this year to $108bn in 2003. This creates an enormous need for IIS' capabilities, which are structured to help companies like Blair rapidly maneuver to compete in that market."

IIS worked in collaboration with CommercialWare, Inc., a leading provider of business-to-consumer retail commerce solutions, to build a retail website for Blair. The company wanted a site that would integrate seamlessly with its existing order fulfillment and inventory management system, CommercialWare's Mozart® product. To accomplish this, IIS used IBM's newly released WebSphere(TM) Commerce Suite 4.1, making this e-commerce site one of the first to use the breakthrough middleware technology with its new e-business capabilities. IIS also included IBM's MQSeries business integration software, which processes orders after the user submits them, and sends status messages back to the user.

"What impressed us most about IIS was that they had engineered the original Web-enabled Mozart system," said Lew Shapiro, Vice President/General Manager of Crossing Pointe. "We wanted to be sure we were working with someone who knew how everything fit together. It is obvious from IIS' delivery that this is certainly the case."

Blair chose IIS to create crossingpointe.com based on a recommendation from CommercialWare, which had formed a technology alliance with IIS in 1999 when asked to web-enable its Mozart product. CommercialWare now recommends IIS to many of its Mozart clients to create their e-commerce storefronts, then customize and implement its integration with Mozart.

Blair, a Pennsylvania-based apparel manufacturer/distributor well known for its line of clothing for women 65 and older, has annual revenues of $500 million. The introduction of the Crossing Pointe brand of women's apparel, focused on clothing for the 37 million "baby boomer" women aged 35-54, was simultaneous with the launch of the crossingpointe.com site and the Crossing Pointe apparel catalog.

The project began with a two-day NextDimension(SM) strategy workshop, an IIS proprietary method for helping e-commerce start-ups identify and build their e-business strategy within their marketplace as well as that of the Internet. As a result of the collaborative session, IIS was able to gain an understanding of where Blair wanted to take its e-business and how the company viewed its target market. IIS then delivered a high-level site map and prioritized business requirements, greatly reducing the site's time-to-market.

About Blair Corporation
Headquartered in Warren, Pennsylvania, Blair Corporation sells fashion apparel for men and women and a broad range of home products, primarily through direct mail merchandising. Catalogs and letter style promotions depicting a broad array of womenswear, menswear and home products are mailed directly to existing and prospective customers. Blair Corporation operates facilities in Erie and Franklin, Pennsylvania as well as Wilmington, Delaware. Visit the Crossing Pointe Web site at www.crossingpointe.com for additional information.

About IIS
IIS is a leading Internet professional services firm possessing the full range of capabilities necessary to rapidly transform growing enterprises to a digital environment. Expanding beyond the traditional service model of strategy consulting, creative design, and Internet application development, IIS also provides the critical elements of network infrastructure and application management and hosting services. Utilizing its proprietary full-service methodology, Dimension(SM), IIS provides its clients with a framework in which innovative Internet solutions can be conceptualized, enhanced, and implemented with the speed-to-market necessary to succeed in the rapidly evolving Internet environment. Visit IIS's Web site at http://www.iisweb.com for additional information.