Italian fast fashion company Imperial is implementing Lectra Fashion PLM to help streamline the development process and support its worldwide business growth.

Imperial provides men's and women's wear to 4,000 customers across the world, including Italy, Europe and Asia, and delivers 6m pieces per year.

In 2012 it decided to expand its activities and invested in 80 multi-brand stores - which left it facing the challenge of coping with increasing activities, while continuing to deliver up-to-date quality collections on time.

"With the company growing at a very fast pace, we need to be able to master the end-to-end development process," says Adriano Aere, Imperial founder and president.

"As consumers demand more and more variety and newness, we also need to become faster and produce more," he adds.

The software tool will help speed development and better-connect teams involved in the collection process, from design to final product.

"Embedding our technical data into Lectra Fashion PLM will help us share information about styles or technical specifications better and faster," Aere adds.

Because Imperial is based on a mass-market business model, building collaboration between creative and technical teams is imperative.

The fashion firm also plans to go one step further and share pre-production and production data by opening its PLM platform to material or service suppliers.