, the e-commerce solution for apparel and textile sourcing and supply chain management, is being put into an aggressive growth mode by its parent company, Creatnet Services.

Creatnet has attracted investment from ICICI Limited (, one of the largest financial institutions in India, which has an asset base of Rs653.9bn (over US$14bn).

Creatnet is a web-based sourcing and supply chain management solutions provider with a focus on short life cycle industries. It has pioneered a supply chain management solution for the apparel industry reflected in

Devangshu Dutta, Director, says that the Indian supply base has lagged behind not so much in "hard technology" such as machinery, but in many other aspects, such as having a complete view of supply chain management, responding in an integrated manner, and taking initiative in product development. For an industry that is the largest employer in India, it is imperative that "globally competitive" capabilities are built up, despite the fragmented nature of the industry.

To address this, India-apparel supports its technological solution with full sourcing management, merchandising and supplier development support, provided by an experienced senior management team which draws its experience from working with some of the largest global retailers and brands.

About is a next generation B2B sourcing and supply chain management solution which addresses the shortcomings that plague the fragmented supply base in India. India-apparel is geared towards increasing the effectiveness and profitability of its buying and supply partners. The company has been active and since 1997. This year, the commercial application of the web-based technology was scaled up with many large buyers overseas and several Indian suppliers. For further details, contact: Devangshu Dutta, director, Creatnet Services by email:, telephone: +91-11-6250799, 6257997, or visit the company website at