India recently announced the imposition of antidumping taxes of US$0.14 per kg and US$0.24/kg on acrylic fibre imported from Taiwan, the Taiwan Economic News reported today.The Taiwanese Board of Foreign Trade (BOFT), which falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, says that Indian textile manufacturers have accused Taiwanese manufacturers of dumping acrylic fibre in July last year. After the Indian government investigated the dumping, a preliminary decision was made in November 1999 to impose temporary antidumping tax of 10.25 rupee/kg on Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corp (FCF), based on an estimated dumping rate of 25.52 per cent. FCF was the largest Taiwanese exporter of acrylic fibre to India.The Indian government sent officials to Taiwan to investigate the accused domestic manufacturers of acrylic fibre in May this year. On July 11, the Indian government announced its final judgement that Taiwan-made acrylic fibrer was sold at prices below reasonable levels in India and such dumping had harmed the Indian manufacturing industry. The Indian government has imposed antidumping tax of US$0.24/kg on the accused Taiwanese manufacturers, except the FCF, which will be charged US$0.14/kg due to its cooperation with the Indian authorities' investigation of the dumping.