The ranking identifies supply chain leaders and highlights their best practices

The ranking identifies supply chain leaders and highlights their best practices

 Zara brand owner Inditex, Swedish fast-fashion retailer H&M, and German sportswear giant Adidas have some of the best supply chains in Europe, according to a new review.

The latest 'European Supply Chain Top 15 for 2017 ' ranking from technology research firm Gartner puts Spanish clothing giant Inditex at number two, H&M at number three and Adidas at number 13 as a new entry for this year. Unilever was in the top spot.

The ranking, which was announced at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in London this week, identifies supply chain leaders and highlights their best practices. 

The analysis is based on a number of metrics, including return on assets, inventory turns, revenue growth and CSR component score, which together give a composite score.

"Europe-based supply chains built on their strong performance in 2017," says Stan Aronow, research vice president at Gartner. "The companies in the European top 15 demonstrated strong growth of 6.8%, which is more than double the average growth of the global top 25. Moreover, European companies scored above average in corporate social responsibility and opinion score performance."

In line with the 'Global Supply Chain Top 25', the top trends that emerged across leading European supply chains were digital experimentation, speed to adaptability and a focus on sustainability.

"The bedrock of these successful trends are core foundational themes – common to all leading supply chain organisations – that have created a culture of excellence and relentless drive to continuously improve," Aronow adds.

These common themes include global scale and local responsiveness; multiple models through segmentation; collaboration; investors in talent and technology; and a culture of excellence and masters of change.

The 'Global Supply Chain Top 25' was released in May. H&M, Inditex and Nike were also among the top performers.

H&M, Inditex and Nike ranked supply chain leaders