Chinese apparel trading and sourcing company Indochine Textiles has signed on to WFX on-demand product development software in order to streamline its global operations under a single web-based tool.

Indochine is a sourcing partner to leading global retailers and has offices spread over China, Australia, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

200 users are already live on the system, and its roll-out to another 300 users around the globe is expected over the next four weeks.

The software will enable a single workflow system across areas of style management, product development and sampling, order management, production management and company wide information reporting.

With WFX, Indochine is also connecting on-line with its vendors and customers on the same platform to tightly integrate its supply chain.

The initial roll-out took just six weeks, including implementation and training - and benefits are said to include quicker time to market and real-time visibility for fast paced decision making.