Mexican suit manufacturer Industrias Haber's has invested in cut-order planning technology from specialist Lectra to upgrade and optimise its cutting room as part of its commitment to managing the 130,000 garments it was producing a month as efficiently as possible.

Industrias Haber's is now using Lectra's Optiplan solution and has partnered with the specialist to automate marker making and cut-order planning at its factory.

In addition to its own brands, Haber's also works with industry heavyweights Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna, Canali, Valentino and Armani, and exports to Canada, the US and Mexico.

"Our goal is to become the biggest fashion supplier in Mexico and Latin America by providing a superior-quality product at an accessible price," says Oscar Álvarez, director of operations for Industrias Haber's.

Working together, Haber's and Lectra found ways to save on costs by using marker-making technology and zerobuffer cutting machines that minimised cutting errors and reduced fabric waste by 2.5%.

"We are now more efficient and precise," adds Edilberto Trujillo Sánchez, quality control director at the Haber's plant. "It would be next to impossible for us to achieve our high product-quality standards without Lectra's fast and accurate automatic cutting."

Using Lectra technology, combined with Lectra's high-speed Vector cutting machines, Haber's has been able to reduce lead time for orders by 30% and increase productivity by 10%. In addition, by moving from manual to automatic cutting with Vector, the company has doubled its cutting capacity from 1,200 to 2,400 units per day.

"With Lectra's cutting-room solution, we can run simulations of different production scenarios and choose the one that gives us the best result," says cutting room manager Rubén Rubilar. "Optiplan has changed the way we make manufacturing decisions; we are now much more flexible and agile when it comes to production."

Looking ahead, Haber's adds its focus is now on developing its made-to-measure offer.

"These are premium-quality suits that need to be cut and sewn precisely, and must be delivered on time," explains director of operations, Oscar Álvarez. "If it weren't for the system we currently have in place, we wouldn't be able to meet our customers' exacting standards."