An agreement to implement best practice and world class standards within 100 Egyptian textile and apparel companies has been signed by the country's Industrial Modernisation Centre (IMC) and the Egyptian Textile and Clothing Technology Centre (TCTC).

The deal, worth about US$6.22 million, will include a program to modernise and upgrade the manufacturing and management skills of textile and apparel companies, as well as helping them gain access to new markets and reduce costs.

In addition, the program will support the development of better quality in production.

The TCTC is now seeking applications from local companies interested in participating in the program's modernisation and upgrading component.

According to the IMC, the program has two main objectives, the first being to enable participating companies to reach international standards of competitiveness, improve export performance, develop a market-focused approach to business and improve quality standards.

The second objective is to improve the capabilities of the core TCTC team and its associated network, to be measured in terms of assistance program design and service provision.

The program will run for 18 months.