Prime Source Forum 2010 started in Hong Kong today

Prime Source Forum 2010 started in Hong Kong today

The apparel industry requires more consistent guidelines for auditing, sustainability and product safety, VF Asia's managing director told just-style today (29 March).

Speaking at the sidelines of the Prime Source Forum in Hong Kong this morning, Thomas Nelson explained how an umbrella organisation would set standards for apparel companies around the world.

"We need to come together more as an apparel group, just as the electronics industry does," he told just-style. "Instead of trying to re-invent the wheel can look at other industries as to how they might help us."

The Prime Source community will bring together 23 industry experts tomorrow night (30 March) to discuss the idea.

The aim would not be designed to affect current regulatory groups, but to possibly bring them together, Nelson said.

Furthermore, discussions have been held with the board of technical professional association IEEE to see what lessons can be learned from other industries.

Nelson added: "If you use a memory stick it's good with any computer, so why can't an apparel group do this?

"Factories often have 15 brands coming in and telling them what's the right thing to do but there's no one group that dictates this is the right standard."

Nelson's responsibilities in Asia include 16 offices in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Peru and the US.

He is also the vice chairman of the Textile and Apparel Committee for the American Chamber of Commerce and is based in Hong Kong.