Clothing industry experts stressed the importance of sustainability in the future of UK fashion at a conference in London today (6 October).

Speaking to hundreds of delegates at the RITE Group conference 'Shaping Tomorrow's Industry', there were also calls for better collaboration.

Baroness Lola Young OBE, said: "It's all about collaboration and alliances that can make this whole movement a success."

UK consumers are currently buying 2m tonnes of clothing per year but sending 1.8m into landfill, according to consultancy Brook Lyndhurst.

Vicky Murray, spokesperson for Forum for the Future, told delegates: "You're the future in this and shaping a sustainable future is what it is all about."

Murray said a lack of sustainable legislation in the future would lead to low cotton supply, escalating costs and power shortages in factories.

"Cotton is a product that illustrates the challenges ahead," said Simon Ferrigno of Sustainable & Organic Farm Systems.

Ferrigno added that while cotton prices are currently hiked due to competing crops and high consumption, he expects extra production to bring prices down again next year.