Aptean’s webinar titled: ‘Master Omnichannel Fulfilment with Integrated Solutions’ that aims to bring enhanced visibility to the apparel sector’s supply chain processes, is taking place at 4pm (BST) on Tuesday 11 October 2022 and free registration is open now.

Senior solutions architects Justin Hershoran and David Levitt are the session’s speakers and will share how to master omnichannel fulfilment with integrated solutions from materials, to finished goods, to delivery using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Shop Floor Control (SFC).

Aptean explains fashion and apparel companies are facing continued pressure with ongoing supply chain disruptions and high consumer demand. In today’s fast-paced and digital age, Aptean points out trends move fast, and in order to stay ahead of the competition, apparel supply chain executives need to stay ahead of operations.

Apparel manufacturers, distributors and brands need intelligent production management at every stage of the production process in order to achieve production goals.

With a single source of truth, apparel companies can streamline their operations and business processes, from design to delivery and everything in between.

Aptean says modern industry-specific solutions give a bigger picture of a company’s operations, leading to:

  • Reduced or eliminated managerial and administration data entry
  • Streamlined receivable and payables processing while ensuring accounting standards compliance
  • The ability to provide incentive pay to empower frontline workers and meet goals
  • Accurate, real-time reports for forecasting and production planning so you can determine what to order and when to order

Key learning objectives for Aptean’s apparel supply chain efficiency webinar

  • Visibility: Real-time, automated tracking and reporting for accurate forecasting and demand planning
  • Efficiency: Increase efficiencies in every area of the business from design to distribution
  • Enhancement: Centralised source of information leads to seamless communication
  • Modernisation: Meet consumer demand and keep up with the latest trends with sustainable manufacturing practices with a real-time picture of inventory data across all your warehouses

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