Brothers Matt and Chris Carroll are third generation workers in the apparel industry and, by using their intimate knowledge of clothing retailing and manufacturing, are helping top line manufacturers of branded clothing sell their fashions direct to consumers over the Internet.

The two are the founders of, an enabling technology, infrastructure and services company for the apparel industry., an Atlanta-based company, offers complete turnkey support for fashion manufacturers wishing to establish web-based retail distribution. Services provided by include storefront development and design, imaging, hosting, customer service, fulfillment, customer acquisition, and complete reporting. The company recently launched Internet stores for FUBU ( and Willie Esco (, two of the hottest labels in the urban sportswear marketplace.

As with the FUBU and Willie Esco online stores, Interactiveapparel designs sites that incorporate and promote the manufacturer's existing brand identity. Additionally,'s staff works with each manufacturer to determine its individual operational needs.

Additionally, Interactiveapparel.comservices apparel needs of online retailers and

While many manufacturers have wanted to establish Internet distribution, most have not due to the heavy costs associated with building an online infrastructure. eliminates those costs by providing the missing services and expertise required for a successful online business.

"Because of the many specifics related to apparel, manufacturers want to deal with people who know and understand their business. Accomplished technology experts aren't necessarily going to understand the nuances of working with apparel," said Matt Carroll, the CEO of "Due to our in-depth understanding of the industry, we have taken a common sense approach to address a specific need. Our services allow the manufacturer to establish a global, cost-effective sales channel with very little hassle. To the outside world, the web store appears to be run by the manufacturer but, in fact, Interactiveapparel builds and maintains the entire process."

Branded apparel is a $173bn industry projected to grow to $184bn by 2004. Matt Carroll anticipates that ten per cent of the total will be sold over the Internet by 2004.

"We have designed our entire operation - warehouse to imaging - with the apparel industry in mind," said Matt Carroll, whose brother Chris is president of the company. "By leveraging our infrastructure and experience with a manufacturer's established brand name, we offer our clients a clear path for additional distribution and a much closer relationship with consumers."

About, an enabling technology, infrastructure and services company for the apparel industry, is an Internet-based solutions provider for apparel manufacturers. enables manufacturers to create a comprehensive Internet strategy including online ecommerce, customer acquisition, catalog management, customer service, fulfillment, inventory management and shipping. Founded in early 1999, is backed by prominent investors throughout the country.