Cloud software provider Infor has developed a new set of capabilities for its GT Nexus Commerce Network to help improve working capital for supply chains, offer advanced visualisation, and mobile enhancements.

The new capabilities are available on the GT Nexus Commerce Network and are the result of Infor's increased investment in the network.

"These new capabilities provide customers with even more real-time visibility into their supply chains – no matter which device they are using to access the commerce network," says John Bermudez, vice president, product management, Infor. "Real-time visibility and control into the way goods and money move in the global supply chain gives our customers competitive advantage. We continue to innovate to put the power of global connectivity and frictionless trade interaction into the hands of our customers so they can keep their supply chains running smoothly."

A new cash flow manager solutions offers better cash flow visibility. It uses a financial supply chain optimisation engine to improve working capital for supply chains.

Meanwhile, new supply chain visibility capabilities include an advanced visualisation layer, which provides an aggregated, real-time graphical view into inventory at all stages of the global supply chain.

Finally, new mobile enhancements allow you better oversee global supply chain operations, including tracking shipments and their ETAs and managing and reassigning tasks.

"GT Nexus is a single platform where suppliers can have multiple buyers on their network, enabling them to manage their outstanding invoices in a much more efficient and effective manner," adds David Gustin, co-founder, Trade Financing Matters. "This is a great step forward for suppliers of all sizes, but especially smaller suppliers."

The GT Nexus Mobile app is available for download in app stores for android and iOS devices. Customers with an active GT Nexus user account can sign in to their applications with their same log-in credentials.