Quality assurance and inspection platform Inspectorio has developed two new tools – a colour reader and a "smart tape" automatic measurement integration – to help solve key challenges during the inspection process.

"Based on the data gathered in the Inspectorio platform, we discovered that colour reading and performing measurements cause substantial issues for our users during inspection execution," explains Carlos Moncayo Castillo, co-founder and CEO.

"With Inspectorio Smart Color and Smart Tape we have created tools that address these two idiosyncratic and fallible aspects of inspection. Now, with these integrations our users are able to upload more accurate data into the Inspectorio platform. As a result, they will be able to leverage machine learning to provide the most accurate predictions and enable more efficient continuous improvement."

Inspectorio, which has helped redefine the formerly analogue – and often highly subjective – inspection process, continues to build and refine its digital interface to enable greater connectivity and transparency in the production chain.

Inspectorio Smart Color, the colour reader integration, was developed to assure the accuracy of colour – one of the most important characteristics of a product. Most companies rely on subjective processes to assess whether the colour of what they're producing truly matches the colour of what was originally designed. Variance in technique and environment make colour more difficult to accurately perceive. A change in lighting, for example, is a consistent issue in colour inspections. Common solutions are costly, with many organisations implementing lightrooms specifically for this section of the inspection process.

The new tool "generates the perfect lighting to guarantee a correct result," the company says, allowing inspectors to quickly and easily verify whether the colour of an item matches that of an approved sample. It also enables organisations to gather objective data on colour discrepancies that go beyond human perception, with a 99% accuracy rate claimed.

Similarly, Inspectorio Smart Tape can save up to 60% of the time traditionally required to perform inspection measurements. Typically, two people are needed to perform the measurement, with one inspector reading out the points of measurement and the other manually recording the findings. The result is expensive and often inaccurate data. 

The Smart Tape integration streamlines and automates the measurement process as it reads the points of measurement to the inspector and records the measurements automatically onto the Smart Tape device. The data is uploaded in real-time in the Inspectorio application, where it is included in the final inspection report. The result is said to be a higher level of accuracy and less time spent performing measurements.

"We are in an era where intense focus is rightfully being placed on sustainable and responsible manufacturing," Moncayo says. "By catching errors early in the process, organisations can avoid producing product that is destined to be wasted and limit the loss of time and financial investment."