An apparel search engine designed to help consumers find the brands and sizes that fit them best is being tested by select retailers and leading brands like Levi's, and will be unveiled in mid-March.

Developed by Intellifit Corporation, the 'Find What Fits' engine works in conjunction with the Intellifit System body scanner.

Consumers step inside the Intellifit System booth, which uses low power radio waves to accurately take body measurements directly through clothing in about 10 seconds.

After being 'Intellifitted' users can navigate the on-board search engine to find garments and brands that best fit both their preferences and their measurements.

"The Intellifit System addresses a major source of frustration for consumers and billions of dollars of lost revenue for retailers and apparel manufacturers - poor fitting clothes," said Intellifit CEO Albert Charpentier.

"The Intellifit System and Find What Fits search engine will direct consumers to the brands and sizes that fit them best, helping reduce frustration, time spent shopping, and product returns."