A new delivery-centric logistics concept that should help distribution organisations save both time and money, as well as avoid costly consolidation activities, has been introduced by Intentia International.

The new component is included in Version 12 of its Movex supply chain solution, and focuses on deliveries rather than individual orders.

"It doesn't matter how many orders are involved," says Paul Grace, development manager at Intentia research and development. "With delivery-centric logistics (DCL), order lines are consolidated into deliveries with other order lines at the same from and to address, date, time and forwarder. During dispatch, we look at these individual deliveries and build routes based on consignee addresses."

Grace adds that the system automatically re-schedules orders based on pre-defined parameters, feeding back the confirmed delivery date to the customer and sender's sales department. However, if the customer's preferred delivery requirements cannot be met, the order taker is alerted and the system automatically looks forwards and backwards in the schedule to identify another delivery.

Grace says that, as part of the DCL concept, the system also displays capable-to-promise information based on capacity constraints. "The system contains a lot of intelligence and creates a collaborative environment that extends from component suppliers and the factory to the warehouse. This means that promises made are based on all the best available information," he notes.

Movex Version 12 collaborative solution also has other new innovations. The first is pre-allocation, which 'locks' and guarantees stock for particular orders. If the linked acquisition order is changed - for example, an order confirmation from a supplier indicates a later delivery than expected - it triggers re-scheduling and notification to the appropriate parties.

Other innovations include: cross-dock, which allocates stock to a loading dock rather than a storage location if it is required for delivery in the near future; picking resource management, which sets up rules and analyses pick times through Movex Business Performance Warehouse; and returnable containers to track pallets in a pool system.