Wien Co Ltd, Thailand's largest direct-sales ladies’ underwear and lingerie company, has invested in Intentia’s Movex Fashion system to integrate and collaborate with all the parties along its supply chain, including employees, customers and lingerie manufacturers.

The firm, which is a part of the Saha Group Conglomerate, replaced its legacy IT system so that when manufacturers go through the selection process for choosing direct sales partners, Wien would be in the right place at the right time.

It also made sense for to migrate to a software solution that would allow compatibility with those partnering manufacturers, such as Wacoal, who also holds strategic shares in Wien.

Wien does not compete directly with retail brands in department stores. Instead, each product is sold in a multilevel marketing process by 40,000 salespeople known as Wien Ladies. Within the multilevel marketing sales model, each Wien Lady is assigned a classification that determines how much of a discount she can receive depending on her sales performance and how much she has purchased in the past.

Movex provides the company with a standardised system for recruiting Wien Ladies. It classifies them in categories according to their status and records each and every Wien Lady's past and present sales figures. Based on these sales figures, each Wien Lady receives her entitlement to discounts when purchasing products for reselling.

Wien's president, Thanavat Pugavanaja, explains: "Wien produces four catalogues each year and Movex enables us to make sound decisions on the next cycle's fashion. Movex Fashion, with its matrix capabilities, has brought about great benefits. From the database, we can clearly determine the products that sell and even look further into the preferred patterns for different body sizes."

Pugavanaja adds: "Another example of Movex Fashion's great matrixing capabilities is bra design. A bra design has about 70 to 100 SKUs due to its physical length and cup sizes. Unlike many other clothing items, a bra has to have a perfect fit, or be left with an odd size inventory."

The new system also enables Wien to measure the revenue for each product group, the revenue from the different Wien Ladies' target groups, sales volumes during product promotions and product margins in comparison to targeted margins.

E-business, Sales Forecasting, Data Warehousing and Customer Relationship Management applications are all in the pipeline.