Shoe manufacturer and wholesaler International Trading Corp is looking to boost growth within the company with the development of its small retailing arm ABC-Mart shoe stores.

The company opened its first shoe retailer back in 1990 and by March 2000 was operating a total of 21 stores. It is now hoping that by developing its trading arm it will be able to increase sales at the stores to about 13.5bn yen ($116m) in fiscal 2000 from the 10bn yen ($86m) recorded the previous year.

The company claim that its current success has been through targeting young customers with the opening of outlets in big cities and suburban shopping malls.

The company will be looking to transfer some of the manufacturing to shoemakers in Myanmar and Bangladesh, where customs duties are exempted.

This will enable the company to reduce investment in production facilities as well as cutting costs by handling import-related work by itself, instead of relying on trading companies.