More and more fashionwear in France is being purchased over the Internet.

The web represented 3.7% of garment sales in the country during the first half of 2007, compared with 2% growth in global French garment sales over the same period.

French Internet sales of garments for the 12-month July to July period totalled EUR900m (US$1.25m), up 59% on a year earlier.

One of France's leading home shopping firms for clothes, La Redoute, is the country's third most visited site behind eBay and SNCF.

"Initially in France, the Internet was simply viewed as a substitute to ordering through mail order catalogues but is now seen by a growing number of consumers as a legitimate purchasing method, among others, for buying garments," the French Fashion Institute's (L'IFM) director of economic studies, Evelyne Chaballier, told just-style.

"With more and more retailers in France offering on-line purchases, its share of global fashion sales is set to grow further and should at least reach 4% by the end of 2007," she added.

By Stuart Todd.