Amazons athleisure range Aurique

Amazon's athleisure range Aurique

Despite significant investment by online retail giant Amazon to grow its fashion offering through the launch of a raft of private label brands, sales of women's clothing are not doing so well, new research suggests.

Around 88% of Amazon's private label brands are found in the clothing department, according to a report by Jungle Scout, a data-research firm for merchants. Of those brands, 60% target women.

However, clothing represents only 1% of Amazon's total private label sales, the report has found, with women's fashion struggling the most.

Of the ten worst performing Amazon private label brands, nine were women's or girls' clothing labels. And 82% of women's clothing brands fail to sell more than 100 units per month, Jungle Scout found.

"Amazon has invested heavily in women's clothing labels and continues to do so," the research firm said. "However, our data shows that women's clothing performs poorly for them."

The report explains why. "Women want to try on their clothing before they buy it. Furniture needs to be sat on, felt, and visualised. High-end products require more social proof and other hands-on experience. The other successful brands on Amazon circumvent this issue by being lower cost, less public facing (for example, the women's fashion labels that do well are casual/at-home wear, pyjamas, and lingerie), or improved social proof."

Over the last couple of years, Amazon has invested in trying to improve the seller experience including launching its 'Try Before You Buy' Prime Wardrobe programme, its Amazon Scout visual shopping tool, a free returns policy on some sizes and colours, and SnapChat Amazon visual search.

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