Fibre maker Invista Apparel has invested in new demand planning software to manage the overall accuracy and financial health of its supply chain.

The Zemeter Demand Planner from Supply Chain Consultants will help reduce inventories, manage shipments and what-if scenarios

Invista Apparel is behind brands such as Lycra fibre and Coolmax fabric, and its market segments include ready-to-wear denim and sweaters, intimate apparel, swimwear, active wear and leg wear.

"We needed a demand planning tool that creates a detailed and reliable plan that takes into account the wide variety of variables that can impact our day-to-day decision making," said David Weber, Americas supply chain leader for nylon apparel and specialty polyester for Invista Apparel.

"We are implementing Zemeter to help ensure that sales, marketing, and operations are all working with exactly the same information and focused on the same business goals."

The software will help the firm react quickly to market shifts, supply disruptions, and special events, and is integrated with Invista's SAP ERP system.