US-based fibre producer Invista has broken ground on its 400,000 tonne adiponitrile (ADN) plant in Shanghai.

The US$1.2bn facility, which will come into use in 2022, is part of a deal with Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP). It will produce ADN – a key ingredient for the nylon 6,6 polymer used in plastics, coatings and apparel fibres.

The plant is expected to satisfy the "strong, local demand" for ADN. When complete, it will integrate with Invista's existing HMD and polymer facilities to directly supply domestic customers with the key building blocks to produce nylon 6,6 and other high-value products in China and throughout the Asia Pacific region.

"With support from all parties, Invista has successfully initiated the construction of ADN facility within ten months," said Ma Jing, director general of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Administrative Committee at the ceremony last week. "The ADN project enriches the value chain of SCIP while accelerating the industrial upgrade of Shanghai chemical industry. SCIP will provide continuous services to ensure that the project will be completed as soon as possible, and the production will be started as soon as possible, to yield tangible benefits for the market."

Invista chairman and CEO Jeff Gentry added: "The growing demand for high-quality nylon products in China and the Asia-Pacific region, and the continued optimisation of the business environment in Shanghai have given us the confidence to continue investment here."

The ADN project is also expected to help cultivate local talent, bring more employment opportunities, and promote the development of relevant collaborative industries, to further enhance the economic strength of the local community.

"Once the ADN plant is completed, Shanghai will be home to the largest integrated nylon production facility in the world—from ADN through to high-performance polymers,"said Kyle Redinger, vice president, Invista Nylon Intermediates Asia Pacific.