A new and improved fabric protector combining the benefits of repellency and release into one product and making use of nanotechnology has been launched by Invista, formerly DuPont Textiles & Interiors.

Advanced Teflon fabric protector with Dual Action Repel and Release system is said to provide superior protection from hot liquids, oil and ground-in dirt and stains such as vinaigrettes and mustards as well as body oil, 'ring around the collar,' and underarm stains.

"What is unique about the technology of Advanced Teflon is that we've been able to maintain the optimum effectiveness of both the release and repel benefits and the end result is a stain protection product with zero compromises," explains Robert Kirkwood, apparel global technology vice president for Invista Apparel.

The stain repelling agent provides an invisible barrier, causing liquid spills to bead up and roll off the fabric, while the release technology prevents fibres from holding stains and soil, so they wash away easily during laundering.

The addition of Easy Care Teflon to a fabric or garment has no impact on the hand, touch, feel or breathability of the fabric.

Advanced Teflon will be available through mill partners in autumn 03 with a consumer introduction slated for spring and autumn 04.