Production management and apparel plant floor systems supplier International Systems Inc (ISI) has launched a RealTime Production ScoreBoard designed to meet the continued demands of quick production runs.

The new application takes full advantage of the latest wireless technologies, and means that everyone from the production floor supervisor through customer service to senior management can now track individual modular productivity in a true real time environment.

"Speed to market with quick replenishment capabilities are critical factors across the supply chain. Knowing what to plan for next using yesterday's "news" is not good enough. If the costs associated in the information flow are prohibitive, this too is not good enough," explained Mauro Romo, president of Los Angeles headquartered ISI.

"There is a great deal of "buzz" today about our industry's ability to shorten cycle times in collaborative efforts across the supply chain," Romo went on to explain. "The challenges of being a truly low-cost producer are more critical today than ever before. We now offer both mid-sized and larger manufacturers a cost effective installation, which allows for a continuous flow of real time production and expected delivery time information."