The US Institute of Textile Technology (ITT) has published the first edition of the International Textile Thesaurus (or Textile Knowledge Index) an extensive lexicon of over 22,000 terms directly related to the needs of the fibre and textile industry#;s research, marketing, merchandising, and sales personnel.

Three of the four volumes of the thesaurus lists terms in which chemical formulas and CAS registry numbers are given for most chemical compounds. Some terms have descriptive notes and references. The fourth volume is a separate listing of the terms, references, chemical compound names, CAS registry numbers, and chemical formulas contained within the first three volumes.

Cost of the four-volume set of the is $250.00 plus $15.00 shipping and handling (United States and Canada); those outside the United States and Canada must pay international shipping and handling costs of $35.00 per copy. Surface delivery will take six to eight weeks.

Orders can be placed by e-mail at or by writing to Publishing, Institute of Textile Technology, 2551 Ivy Road, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA 22903-4614.