The latest Chinese Customs data shows that the country's exports of apparel to the United States and the EU increased by $1.556 billion during the last 60 days.

The increase in China's apparel exports to the EU-25 was $819 million while the increase to the US was $737 million.

According to Chinese Customs data, China exported 434 million garments to the US in the first 60 days of the year, following the removal of quota restraints.

Exports by China of major apparel products were up 486 per cent for January and February, with some products recording increases as high as 2,100 per cent.

The largest export increases to the United States were in cotton knit shirts and trousers, which were up 2,120 per cent and 1,398 per cent.

China shipped nearly 47 million cotton trousers in January and February 2005, up from 9 million in Jan-Feb 2004, when China was still under quota control. China also shipped 37 million cotton knit shirts in January and February 2005, compared to 1.7 million knit shirts in Jan-Feb 2004.
Chinese Customs data also shows that Chinese exports to the European Union 25 exploded in the first two months of this year as well.

Exports of apparel products were up 82 per cent to more than $1.8 billion. Textile exports jumped over 56 percent to nearly $843 million.

Concerning apparel, knit apparel exports to the European Union were increased from $370 million in January and February 2004 to $729 million in Jan-Feb 2005 - an increase of 97 per cent.

Woven apparel exports increased from $627 million in January and February 2004 to $1.1 billion in Jan-Feb 2005, an increase of 73 per cent.