Textile coater JB Broadley has announced a complete restructuring at its factory in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, the framework of which has been prompted, in part, by the increasing dominance of Far East coating production. The new structure will include management and staffing changes, with product base being re-organised to focus on the company's core expertise and a firm commitment to developing new areas of potential growth.Julie Smith, JB Broadley's managing director, explains: "The new emphasis will allow us to concentrate on consolidating our successes by developing teams of excellence whilst building customer and supplier partnerships."We see our future in the growth of the company. Our on-going commitment to improvement in quality has enabled us to retain our dedicated production staff. The energetic and talented sales and product development team will assist us to develop the product base and respond quickly to customers' needs".JB Broadley's emphasis on innovation and development, research into new markets and the necessary investment to service them has resulted in the company emerging as one of Europe's largest textile coaters. From its beginnings in the footwear industry the company has diversified into a variety of areas including the sports and leisure fields, automotive, military and workwear, with 70 per cent of the current product range consisting of new products.