Department store chain JC Penney could increase textile and apparel sourcing from Pakistan to more than US$200 million over the next few years, Asia Pulse has reported.

An executive team representing the United States-based company is currently visiting Pakistan to evaluate its textile and apparel industry.

According to Asia Pulse, JC Penney's director of strategic sourcing Rodney Berkins told the country's finance minister Shaukat Aziz that the company hoped to increase imports from Pakistan to more than $200 million in the coming years.

He added that the quota-free regime would increase the prospects for Pakistani textile exporters to increase their US market share, the news source reported.

In turn, Aziz briefed the JC Penney executives on the recent measures and reforms undertaken by the Pakistani government to open up the country's economy and usher in a business-friendly environment.

As part of the briefing, he said the cost of doing business in Pakistan had dropped considerably in recent years, with the swift clearance of export goods reducing the time taken to ship products from the country.