TheRightSize, Inc, a provider of fit software and services to retailers and apparel manufacturers, announced today that, one of America's largest online retailers, is among the first apparel sites to become a business subscriber and will feature TheRightSize's innovative fit technology when the service goes on line in time for the holiday season. Ernesto Aguirre, chief executive officer, named several other business subscribers who have recently signed with TheRightSize. They include Ocean Pacific, Fashion 500, Smart, Puma International, and Seattle Pacific Industries, whose brands include Union Bay, Re*Union and Sergio Valente. "After looking into the alternatives, we arrived at the conclusion that TheRightSize offers the best solution to the problem of size-related returns. TheRightSize will bring added value to our online apparel business by making it easier for consumers to select merchandise that fits and to avoid the frustration of having to make costly and time-consuming returns," said Dick Baker, president and CEO of Ocean Pacific. Unlike existing technology that uses scanning and body measurements along with manufacturers' specifications to provide sizing information, TheRightSize requires no input of customer measurements. Instead, its patent-pending 'Rosetta Stone' technology can make highly accurate fit recommendations by computing patterns and matches based on consumers' true preferences and sizes in a variety of brands and styles. The service can be used by business subscribers as a branded, integrated and intrinsic feature within their own websites or catalog call centers with relative ease.