Florida-based holding company American Commerce Solutions has accepted the resignation of David N DeBaene as a director of JD American Workwear Inc, the company he took public in 1995.

Steven D Smith, president commented: "Mr. DeBaene has worked long and hard to create a solid future for this company. Now he has passed the baton of leadership to the next generation of management who are poised to propel the company to success. He will now devote his same tireless energy to promoting the JD American's workwear line and the licensing of its patents for the company's future success."

In a separate staement, American Commerce Solutions announced that it has terminated its consulting agreements with Allen Burditt and Preston Research.

The reason given for the termination that the consultant failed to fulfill its contractual obligations with the company, and made detrimental statements and actions. Management has requested the return of all shares paid to Mr Burditt in advance for the purpose of fulfilling services.

According to Steven D Smith: "We deeply regret the need to take such actions. However, in this case, our responsibility is quite clear. We are committed to seek all remedies at this juncture for the protection of our shareholders and the market of our stock. Our management team has worked hard to build a solid and very real business based on good old-fashioned business principles, revenue, earnings, positive cash flow, hard assets - in other words, return on investment. With the performance of our current subsidiaries, coupled with planned acquisitions, we are confident in the future of AACS."