Jerzees, the Atlanta-based apparel manufacturer, has launched two apparel lines created especially for women - Jerzees Activewear and Jerzees CaZuals. Prior to this launch, the company had focused primarily on apparel for men and boys. Although women are traditional purchasers of Jerzees Activewear, this is the first time Jerzees will launch a full line of clothing designed specifically to meet the needs of the female consumer. "The introduction of the Activewear and CaZuals women's lines is an exciting new direction for Jerzees. It represents our commitment to continually reinvent our product lines to meet the needs and lifestyles of our customers," said Bob Keller, vice president of sales for Jerzees. "We are dedicated to providing high-quality products our customers can count on. Today's women are cost-conscious but they still desire quality and comfortable clothing designed for them. Jerzees provides it to them." Jerzees Activewear will be available at participating Kmart, Academy and Bi-Mart locations and at Jerzees CaZuals will be available at participating WalMart, Bi-Mart, Duckwall and Academy stores and at