Sales at UK retailer JJB Sports have taken an expected dip due to the absence of World Cup merchandising this year.

The UK company announced a 1.8% fall in like-for-like revenue for the 18 weeks to 3 June, without the large number of replica football shirts sold ahead of last year's World Cup tournament in Germany.

JJB had benefited from the sales of England replica kits in particular when the nation took part in the global tournament this time last year.

An interim management statement said if all replica kit revenues were taken out for the period, then there would have been an increase in total revenue of 2.6%.

Roger Lane-Smith, JJB's non-executive chairman, said: "Trading results for the first 18 weeks of the current accounting period is in-line with our expectations and I remain confident that our policies of product differentiation within our retail stores and the expansion of our chain of health clubs, will provide future growth."

For the nine-week period to 1 April this year, JJB had increased total revenue by 4.3%, including health clubs.

The sportswear retailer also reported on the implementation of its in-store Adidas and Nike areas.

The company said in the trading statement on the London Stock Exchange: "The introduction of Adidas and Nike in-store areas within our superstores is proceeding and at 3 June, 83 Adidas and 53 Nike in-store areas were in operation.

"It is anticipated that by the end of this calendar year we shall have installed over 200 Adidas areas and approximately 100 Nike areas.

"The trading results from those retail stores that have had in-store areas installed, both in terms of revenue and of gross margin, are better than the average for our retail stores."