Private label clothing company Jomo International has selected software provider Geac's DesignTime software to streamline the design of its fashion lines for babies, children, teenagers, women and men.

DesignTime -  from Geac's RunTime division, which specialises in solutions for the apparel and footwear industry - structures and speeds the different phases in the design process, from initial design to production.
Jomo will use a range of components within DesignTime, such as ColorTime, which allows designers full control over the use of colour in new collections and KnitTime, which provides support in designing knitted textile.
By deploying the software, Jomo expects to profit from better insight into the full production chain.

"We were looking for ways to improve our design processes through one solution that could support all phases," said Andre van der Wolde, director at Jomo International Holding. "Geac RunTime provided all the functionality that we need for our design processes."
Geac  is a global enterprise software company that provides best-in-class technology products and services to help organisations do more with less in an increasingly competitive environment, amidst growing regulatory pressure, and in response to other business issues confronting the chief financial officer.