Below is a list of the latest research reports now available on just-style.

  • Clothesource Sourcing Kit 2011
    The latest edition of this well known publication, the Clothesource Sourcing Kit 2011, is an essential tool for anyone who wants to keep abreast of the changing world of apparel sourcing. Buy before 31 August and you will receive free online quarterly updates.
  • The world of Apparel Sourcing: 2010-2012
    A report that focuses on what has happened to the world apparel industry from 2007-2009 and analyses the changes that are likely to happen for the top 90 exporting countries within the industry between 2010 and 2012.
  • UK Menswear Retailers 2010
    Menswear retailers have faced difficult times, and with inflation returning to the market in 2010 and margins being squeezed, the outlook remains challenging. This report looks at the key issues facing the sector as well as profiling the major retailers in the market including Marks & Spencer, Next, Asda and Tesco.
  • Clothing & Footwear Industry 2010
    An important publication that analyses the UK market for clothing and footwear looking at all the major companies and outside factors affecting the industry.
  • Top 100 Clothing Retailers Analysis
    Whether you wish to benchmark your own company's results, study the industry in more depth or have a vast array of industry intelligence at your disposal, this report is the ideal resource.
  • Global market review of lingerie and intimate apparel - forecasts to 2016
    One of the most popular reports on just-style. In this fourth edition we analyse the product sector at the end of the decade. Lingerie is once again reviewed worldwide, providing an analysis of an industry that - post-recession - now needs to tune in with changing and future consumer wants.