Justwin Technologies - a provider of web-based supply chain, pre-production documentation, and process management solutions for the apparel, footwear and textile industries - announced today that it is teaming with Fasturn, Inc to allow for  seamless integration of its product development solutions with Fasturn's direct sourcing and supply chain technology platform.

Fasturn is a leading web-based sourcing solutions provider for manufacturers and retailers of made-to-order goods.

Justwin and Fasturn will jointly create an automated interface that will allow existing Justwin customers to seamlessly hand off specification packages developed in Justwin Apparel to Fasturn. Fasturn customers will be able to access Justwin's solution via the Fasturn website, and create their product specifications online.The combined solution will allow the complete cycle from concept design to completed specification to sourcing and product delivery to be conducted more efficiently with complete visibility throughout the process. This will dramatically reduce the time needed to go from product concept through to delivery for made-to-order goods.

"This is the start of a great alliance that will be a win-win for both our companies and our prospective customers", said Winston Teperson, CEO of Justwin.

About Justwin Technologies
Justwin Technologies has a suite of web-based and web-enabled applications that provide simple business solutions to supply chain management, process and document management problems, and the tracking and approval of steps associated with design, costing, and specification documentation for the apparel, footwear and textile industries. Justwin is an IBM and Lotus business partner, with offices in the United States and Australia.For more information visit the Justwin website, www.justwin.com.