Kanati said it has been spending “far too much time, effort and money” in Pakistan

Kanati said it has been spending “far too much time, effort and money” in Pakistan

Canadian men's wear company Kanati Co says continued disruption to its production in Pakistan has forced it to pull out of the country and bring its entire manufacturing back home.

Kanati said the disruption was causing a small number of clients to experience delays, and that these disruptions and the stability of the country were key reasons for its decision to run all operations domestically. The company will in future operate from a new facility located in Waterloo, Ontario, which it said will feature state-of-the-art machinery. Manufacturing will be introduced gradually over three phases.

Kanati said the company had been spending “far too much time, effort and money” in Pakistan.

Liam Massaubi, co-founder of the company, added: “As an organisation that serves clients globally, we just can't afford the disruption and down-time in Pakistan. Our clients depend on a fast and reliable service. We can no longer wait and hope for improvements in Pakistan.”

Kanati isn't the only company to pull its production from Pakistan. In April last year, US-based Walt Disney Company went ahead with its threat to phase out the sourcing of Disney-branded products from Pakistan over concerns the country no longer meets its guidelines on working conditions.

Massaubi added of Kanati's move: “We recognise when it is time to cut losses and move on. There are added benefits of a domestic manufacturing approach where we are able to control all of the variables, which we cannot do in Pakistan. We are a company that takes pride in providing quality service; we take appropriate action when our standards are compromised. By taking this step we will be able to maintain our standards and remain in a global market by engaging skills and abilities of a local workforce.”