Women's luxury apparel brand Kay Celine is suing national retailer and manufacturer Stein Mart and Sienna Rose for allegedly counterfeiting its designs.

The Los Angeles based firm has filed a lawsuit outlining its complaints in the United States Federal District Court, for the Central District of California.

Kay Celine claims Stein Mart and Sienna Rose knowingly copied its "distinctive and wildly successful beaded designs."

The complaint also alleges unfair competition, as the defendants' sale of counterfeit merchandise has hurt Kay Celine's sales of its garments, which are featured at national luxury retailers including Nordstrom's and Bloomingdales.

Kay Celine's attorney, Farhad Novian, head of the trademark and brand strategies division for Novian & Novian, LLP, a law firm in Century City, California, said the defendants have agreed to pull the infringing items from their shelves and discontinue sales.

Kay Celine is seeking turnover of the remaining counterfeit garments, along with damages and an injunction against Stein Mart and Sienna Rose prohibiting sales of counterfeit garments in the future.