Jeanswear maker KG Denim has announced plans to reposition its Trigger menswear brand to appeal to the urban youth market.

According to KG fashion management chief Rajha Gopallan, the company was "going cool" to tap into the lucrative market sector.

"We are repositioning Trigger, the denim brand, as a fashion brand with youth appeal to grab a bigger portion of the (INR90 billion) denim market," Gopallan said.

As part of the brand relaunch, Trigger will be given a new tag line, '1932 Jeans Inc', alluding to KG's heritage in the textile and apparel industry.

Gopallan said KG hoped to use the revitalised Trigger brand to break the company's south-centric image and increase its appeal to the fashion-conscious youth of India's northern and northeastern regions.