France's leading shoe wholesaler, Royer, has unveiled ambitious development plans in China for its Kickers children's footwear brand, within the framework of a five-year master franchise with local firm Miramar.

In 2012, Miramar, which is part of the Henderson group, will open ten stores in China, including two flagship locations in Shanghai and Beijing. Over a five-year period, the number of outlets is set to rise to 180 in 19 Chinese cities with populations of more than 2m inhabitants.

In the longer term, Royer and Miramar are eyeing coverage of the whole of China, with a total 500 outlets, in 67 cities, in service.

Royer is not planning to adapt the Kickers store concept nor its products to the Chinese market but will 'export' the same offering as in France.

While China is the primary focus of Kickers' export drive, the brand has also entered the UAE market in 2011 with store openings in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is also poised to move into Japan in the first half of next year.