A coalition of trade union and labour rights groups is again calling on German retailer KiK to agree long-term compensation for the victims of a deadly clothing factory fire in Pakistan three years ago.

KiK was the only known buyer of garments from tthe Ali Enterprises factory, where a fire killed at least 254 workers and injured 55 others in 2012. Its production was dedicated to making jeans for KiK’s own brand Okay Men.

But global unions IndustriAll and UNI, together with the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) say that although KiK paid US$1m into an immediate relief fund, its claim that victims received “several million US dollars [from] the Pakistani government, the factory owner and a private individual” is incorrect.

They also note that the ongoing court case for compensation which was filed by four victims against KiK in Germany earlier this year does not cover all the people affected by the incident, and covers different losses than those in ILO Convention 121.

"We invite KiK to return to the negotiating table in good faith and reach an agreement to pay long-term compensation to all victims, including those victims who have filed legal cases, without further delay. We also call on KiK to develop a robust strategy to prevent such accidents from happening again.”

KiK has not yet responded to just-style requests for comment.