Kmart has announced that for the first time ever stores in the US will be open around the clock.

The new move will mean that stores will open at 6am on Thursday and not close again until 8pm on Sundays, a total of 86 hours trading. The stores will also be offering up to 70 per cent off over 40,000 lines, including 40 per cent off all cold weather apparel and ladies coats - ideal for shoppers caught up in the winter storms.

Brent Willis, Kmart's new chief marketing officer said, "Our insights have told us that with the harried pace leading up to Christmas, coupled with the weather difficulties around the country, consumers just have not had the time to get done what they need to get done before the big day."

"Now they can get it done at Kmart and their holiday budget can go farther with the great values and some of the best prices ever in our stores."