, Kmart's online subsidiary and Internet service, has strengthened its ties with its parent company by taking the Kmart name.

Initially created to serve as Kmart's online arm, BlueLight's new site, revealed yesterday, now carries the Kmart logo and promotes in-store store specials. 

"We're hoping to present a joint image online or offline," said spokeswoman Abigail Jacobs.

Although BlueLight will remain the name of Kmart's online subsidiary and Internet service the website and URL will change to, Jacobs said.

Currently, BlueLight's customers who access are redirected to, but Jacobs said the company plans to make the default URL.

Kmart says it will continue to invest in the Bluelight strategy as long as it does not drain the company of resources.

Kmart, which is struggling to emerge from Chapter 11 and has just posted losses of $1.45 billion for the first quarter, estimates its online sales could hit $50 million this year.