The K/Lab product line is priced from US$28 to $78

The K/Lab product line is priced from US$28 to $78

US department store retailer Kohl's has launched a new line of "fashion-forward" product that it says will constantly change based on evolving trends, with the time from concept to delivery slashed to a matter of weeks.

Launched this week, the K/Lab product line is priced from US$28 to $78, with shirts and skirts selling for under $58, dresses and trousers ranging from $58 to $68, and jackets at $78. The new line, Kohl's says is "clean, modern and streamlined".

"K/Lab is directly inspired by the evolving trends from social media, runway and pop culture," a spokesperson for Kohl's says. "K/Lab taps into the high energy pulse of today's cultural mash-up of music, art, and fashion. The apparel collection features an elevated aesthetic at an affordable price point, with new styles delivering every week."

The collection, Kohl's says, will not be tied down to traditional fashion seasons and targets the stylish urban millennial.

The spokesperson adds: "Through K/Lab, Kohl's fuses art and science, data and design, and trend and technology by providing customers access to the new, the now and the next. The brand focuses on the present tense and will tap into the high-energy pulse of today's cultural mix of fashion, music and art. K/lab will attract the millennial customer who seeks new, trending pieces at an affordable price point and evolves with the runways, social media, and pop culture."

K/Lab apparel is available online at and in select stores.

Reports say the trend team at Kohl's is working with a data scientist to scan scour media and sales numbers to help decide what pieces to bring to market next. Working closely with partners and distributors is also key to shortening leadtimes.

Speaking last month on speeding time to market, Ed Gribbin, president at size and fit specialist Alvanon, explained that Kohl's will test a new style by making a couple of thousand units in a factory in Guatemala and put them into test stores in different parts of the US.

"And they'll gauge in two or three days whether that product is a winner or loser. If it's a winner, they immediately go back into production, produce another 10-20,000 units in Central America, place an order for 100,000 in China. They can get to market very, very quickly that way."

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The launch of K/Lab forms part of Kohl's greater multi-year strategy – The Greatness Agenda – aimed at turning around sales. Launched in 2014, the initiative aims to increase sales to $21bn by the end of 2017, supported by five pillars: amazing product, incredible savings, easy experience, personalised connections and winning teams.

The aim of the new range, Kohl's says, is to take the initiatives piloted and lessons learned at K/Lab and apply them to the rest of the store.

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In its latest quarter, Kohl's revealed mixed results as earnings climbed 21.6% but sales fell 2.3%, despite a strong back-to-school season. Gross margin was flat at 37.1%.

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