Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, the developer of spider silk-based fibres, has hailed the opening of Prodigy Textiles' new facility in Vietnam.

In April, the company announced plans to set up a new subsidiary in Vietnam for the purpose of establishing large commercial-scale spider silk production. Kraig Biocraft has been talking for more than a year about its plans for Vietnam, but finally received approval three months ago to establish the subsidiary, Prodigy Textiles Co Ltd, which will also be its first.

Located in Quang Nam province, the facility will have the capacity, utilities, and security to support the planned capacity growth in Vietnam through the first phase of operations and will be the launch pad for future expansion on a pre-designated 50 hectare parcel of land located nearby.

Working in partnership with its consultants in Vietnam, Kraig Biocraft reviewed numerous buildings and locations throughout the province. The firm ultimately selected this facility due to its proximity to mulberry production, building layout, condition, utilities, and its proximity to shipping ports, and the company's planned 50 hectare future campus.

The opening celebration was attended by officials from the province and local district, as well as leaders from the farming cooperatives that will provide mulberry, and senior banking officials.

"Having now seen the new facility first hand I am confident that we will soon have a thriving operation up and running," says Jon Rice, COO. "We are now in the process of getting the final building updates outlined and completed so that it will be ready to receive the first shipment of our silkworms."

Last month, Kraig Biocraft said it is collaborating with a local cooperative in Vietnam to plant more mulberry trees, providing new feedstocks for its transgenic silkworms.