Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, a leading developer of spider silk-based fibres, has completed the first batch of Dragon Silk cocoon production to fulfil a contract to produce the high-performance fibres for the US Army.

The company says the fibres will soon be headed to a reeling facility to be prepared for delivery to Warwick Mills who will be contracted to produce ballistic shoot packs.

According to Kraig Biocraft, final delivery is expected to be made to the US Army in the second quarter of 2017.

"The Indiana factory scale up of our proprietary recombinant spider silk, we call Dragon silk, has exceeded our expectations," says founder and CEO Kim Thompson. "As we ship this first batch of Dragon Silk cocoons dedicated for the US Army, we are already beginning to prepare for production of fibres ready for commercial sale to some of our primary end users."

The company adds it will now begin to sell its Dragon Silk and Monster Silk fibres "in earnest", to the various parties that have submitted sample requests, with priority given to substantive collaborative development agreements and key end uses.

Production at Kraig Biocraft's new  facility in Indiana began in October.

Kraig Labs ramps up spider silk production