Plans by the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety to shift most of its work from Washington to Dhaka, where efforts are currently underway to accelerate its factory inspections, will also see Jeff Krilla step down as president and CEO.

Krilla, who has led the group - which is made up of 26 North American retailers and brands including Gap, JC Penney, Kohl's, Target, VF Corp and Wal-Mart - for the past six months, will continue his affiliation with the Alliance as a senior advisor.

The group will still have a limited presence in Washington, but the Dhaka office will serve as the primary hub for staff and activities aimed at bringing improved fire and structural safety to Bangladesh garment factories.

Technical and programmatic experts in Bangladesh are focused on inspection implementation, development of a worker training curriculum, establishing a worker empowerment helpline, and building local capacity.

"In only six months we delivered on so many critical milestones - most notably standards harmonisation," Krilla said.

"The transition to Dhaka is a necessary change that will keep the garment worker front and centre as the organisation determines how to facilitate training, implement the worker helpline, and partner with the government to build local capacity."

The Alliance's Dhaka office has 15 staff in place, with a forecast to increase this to 18 by the end of February.

All staff members are Bangladeshi nationals, with the team including a managing director, managers for fire and structural safety, assessments, training, worker outreach and empowerment, factory liaison and remediation, as well as other support staff.

Earlier this month, just-style published an interview with Krilla in which he discusses the Alliance's work so far. Click here for more details.